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Christian recording artist Lance Mishleau hails from the Midwest, but this small town boy has experienced more than just his Wisconsin backyard. Lance has been on a journey of seeking God that has led him all around North America, and even to Australia. He's now a proud resident of Sacramento, Calif., but he continues to travel to surrounding venues to perform and lead worship.

Lance initially dipped his toes in the music world in 1998 playing bass for his local school's worship team. By the time he purchased his first guitar in 2001, he was hooked. He started playing in coffee shops and other local venues in Wisconsin, as well as leading worship for various groups in the area. In 2002, Lance graduated from high school and co-founded his first band and ministry, The Cause, with whom he performed in five different states during that first summer. He has now performed in almost 30 states, as well as parts of Canada and Australia.

God's hand on Lance's life has been apparent in every phase of his story. After obtaining an associates degree in Marketing and a certificate of evangelism, Lance continued his undergraduate career in Australia by pursuing a bachelors degree in Management. Soon, however, Lance felt God leading him back to the States to finish his degree at Union College, a campus in Nebraska. Through his relationship with Union, Lance was provided with a sponsorship and opportunity to continue his travels with The Cause around the country and into Canada pursuing his two main passions: playing music and ministering to youth.

After graduating, Lance journeyed onward, playing shows and leading worship in different states. While performing in Seattle, he was offered a four-month temporary position to help develop a youth program in Sacramento. By the end of the four months, Lance had assisted in not only increasing the attendance but also empowering the students to step into the leadership roles available and take control of their program following his departure.

Following this experience Lance found himself without a clear direction to follow, but he trusted God to provide. And God showed up. Lance was offered a minor marketing position with CiminoCare in Sacramento due to his degree in the field and the company's desire to grow. In time he was promoted to be Executive Director of one of the sites, and from there was promoted again to be Corporate Marketing Director for the company. As a corporate executive, Lance learned to balance a conventional job with his passions for youth ministry and leading worship.

In fall 2012, Lance won the Sacramento Battle of the Bands with friend and songwriter Kyle McHargue. Out of 40 participants, he was the only Christian artist present. Winning the Battle of the Bands spring-boarded Lance into his next project, which he had the opportunity to begin at The Formulation Room working with its founder and Chief Recording Engineer, Dustin Ryan. Following this win, however, budget cuts forced CiminoCare to eliminate Lance's position and income. But still God was there. He provided the opportunities for Lance to focus on his music full-time.

Today, Lance is excited about his newly-released solo EP, Cries Prayers Worship, which is a compilation of original songs by Lance, as well as some co-written with Kyle. Lance recorded the songs at The Formulation Room, and then had the album mastered by Andrew Mendelson, multi-Grammy winning Chief Mastering Engineer and owner of Georgetown Masters in Nashville, TN. The album focuses on Lance's journey of seeking God and worshiping Him through everything we experience in life. The CD also includes elements of Kyle's personal journey towards becoming a follower of Jesus, a process that Lance helped mentor him through. Lance hopes that Cries Prayers Worship will convey his desire to have a heart seeking after God, as well as his passion for making a difference in the lives of those around him.

Lance has built up a diverse fan base through his travels around the nation. His self-described style of passionate worship is one that appeals to all kinds of listeners. It layers personal, meaningful lyrics with a balance of both acoustic and full production music. Lance currently performs regularly throughout northern California, and is again helping to develop a youth program, this time in Napa Valley. He's looking forward to the new opportunities God will place in front of him to share his music and his story, both along the west coast and across the country.

Thus far, 2013 has been a time of Lance faithfully following God wherever He may lead. Lance has had much practice with stepping through whatever doors God opens and living apart from conventional patterns to seek the life designed especially for him, and he has no intention of doing things any differently.

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