"Cries Prayers Worship" Album Story

Cries Prayers Worship is a project that encompasses Lance Mishleau's journey of seeking God. It's a process that spans his entire lifetime, but has been most charged during the past few years. Pulling from his experiences traveling, performing and ministering to youth with his former band The Cause, as well as his personal growth through attaining his Bachelor's degree and trying to discover God's plan for his life, Lance first began penning this collection of songs in the summer of 2008. He has been expanding on and perfecting them in the time that has followed, co-writing some of them with the help of Kyle McHargue. Kyle was a brand new Christian when he began working with Lance in 2010, and his own journey of accepting Christ and entering into a personal relationship with Him is also reflected in much of the album.
Lance and Kyle competed in the Sacramento Battle of the Bands in September 2012. Out of 40 competitors they were the only Christian band, and they won first place. They were awarded studio time at The Formulation Room working with its founder and Chief Recording Engineer, Dustin Ryan. This experience spring-boarded the full project into realization, and the duo began working more seriously on finishing the album.

“In This Place” starts the collection off with those pivotal questions we have all faced in life: What am I doing here? What is my purpose? It was the first song on the EP that Lance wrote, and it provides the foundation for his earnest seeking into who God created him to be. He began writing “In This Place” while on a road trip with a friend. They were traveling back to Lincoln, NE from Tampa Bay, FL in August 2008. It was a time during which Lance was crying out to God to understand what kind of transformation he was undergoing inside of himself, as well as within the world around him. His heartfelt prayer was, and continues to be, “God, you are the only one I want to hear.”

Lance composed “Sweet Love” the winter of that same year, from his parents' home just outside of Green Bay, WI. He drew inspiration from 1 John 4:19, which says, “We love because He first loved us” (NIV). He wanted to showcase his image of God as the One who gave up everything for us, and how therefore in return we are made to give our whole selves back to Him. “Sweet Love” serves as an expression of falling down before Jesus in recognition of how He first humbled Himself to come down among us when we didn't deserve it.

Jumping forward to October 2010, “Like the Moon” was the first full song Lance wrote alongside friend and co-writer Kyle McHargue. It serves as a strong proclamation of God as our Creator, our Sacrifice, our Redeemer and the ultimate Victor who holds all power in His hands. It is also a personal declaration that Lance and Kyle desire to give their all to Jesus and reflect His light that shines so deeply into their lives.

“Precious” declares that God's love is more precious and beautiful than anything else this world could offer. It is a love that we don't deserve and can never earn, and it often leaves us speechless. “Precious” speaks to the wonder and awe of the miracle that happens when God grabs hold of us and transforms us from the inside-out.

The penultimate track, “Finally,” is rooted in the acceptance of Christ's free gift of salvation. Although none of us are perfect on our own, we are all made perfect in the One who promises He will finish the good work He has started. We are all flawed, but His transformation within us is flawless. In “Finally,” Lance gives all the credit to God for this change and implores those around him to also engage with the One who has opened his own eyes. The bridge of "I don't want to let go, Lord thank you for saving me" echoes his ultimate desire to stay the course of life that Paul so often talked about in his letters, and to finish strong with the help of our Lord and Savior. It boldly declares a need for Jesus and a desperate thanksgiving for His salvation.

The closing chapter of Cries Prayers Worship is one of Lance admitting that even with Jesus as our salvation and personal transformation, life still has its challenges. “You Are My Creator” admits that, with all the hardship and pain that surrounds us, it is difficult to plod through this world in which we live. The reality remains that we have an enemy, and not everyone we encounter has accepted the grace of Jesus. Regardless, in all things, Lance commits to continue to give himself wholly to God's work. No matter the struggle, his core desire is to hold firm to his commitments to that first love, Jesus. Lance declares that no matter what happens, God is still our Creator, our Re-Creator and our Savior. He is more than we could ever ask for. “You Are My Creator” promotes Lance's desire to love God and others with all his heart, soul, strength and mind forevermore.

Thus far, Lance has traveled to nearly 30 states, Canada and Australia to lead worship and minister to youth groups and young adults. He's played mostly with his former band, The Cause, but has over the past few years been performing as a solo artist. Cries Prayers Worship is his first EP as Lance Mishleau, and marks a new season in his life and career as a musician. He started recording the album in November 2012 and finished up the project in July 2013. Lance had the opportunity in August to travel to Nashville, TN to work with Andrew Mendelson, multi-Grammy winning Chief Mastering Engineer and owner of Georgetown Masters, to master the album and prepare it for distribution. Mendelson has worked with artists such as Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Brandon Heath, Lady Antebellum, Big&Rich, Kings of Leon, Metallica and the Rolling Stones.

Lance has seen God's hand in all the twists and turns of his life, and is so thankful for the story in which he exists. He only hopes that Cries Prayers Worship will touch the lives of the people around him and adequately convey his own heart for pursuing Jesus. With a release date of October 15, Lance's birthday, this album marks the beginning of an entire new chapter that he is thrilled to embark on.